Real Estate Funds

Real Estate Securitization

In B-Lot’s real estate securitization, we proactively target medium-sized properties that are conventionally considered a difficult type of real estate to securitize.

While providing customers with the various merits that real estate securitization offers, such as procuring funds through non-borrowing methods and improving financial standing by removing real estate from the balance sheet, we offer a wide-ranging support tailored to the customer’s business strategy.

Merits of Introducing Securitization

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Basic Scheme of Securitization

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Asset Management

B-Lot provides general property management services to Japanese and foreign institutional investors.

B-Lot puts together funds (schemes for investors to invest in real estate) to suit a wide range of operation needs of investors.
Supported by our accumulated know-how in sales and leasing brokerage, appraisal valuations, and management services of business real-estate, B-Lot operates as an asset manager to provide sophisticated management services, utilizing our extensive experience and expert knowledge including asset finance and our original network.

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Business Model

Business Model
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