Company Philosophy

We at B-Lot shall contribute to society by creating businesses that provide value to society in the fields of real estate and finance. In these activities, while following social norms, we shall pursue profit and realize long-term sustainable growth for all stakeholders as a “company needed by society.”
We shall always make decisions rapidly with sound judgment based on insight and expert knowledge.
To ensure this professionalism, we shall give ample attention to gaining expert knowledge, collecting market information, and devoting ourselves to the study of our field.
We shall make the uninteresting fascinating.
We shall genuinely enjoy work and proactively conduct business with creativity and flexibility. To ensure this spirit of enjoyment, every member of the B-Lot shall place emphasis on partnership and teamwork in our relationships with each other and with everyone else.
“Think hard” and “utilize our experience”
Our resolution is “to think hard and utilize our experience to bring joy to customers and contribute to the betterment of society.”
The logo is a symbol of our foundation. The red symbolizes “passion and a fighting spirit,” the yellow symbolizes “brightness and a smile,” the blue symbolizes “sincerity and a spirit of fairness,” and the green symbolizes “total harmonization and originality.” The rounded corners of the squares express flexibility and balance and the way they interlink with each other expresses the person-to-person bonds that make up the partnerships and teamwork that the B-Lot cherishes more than anything.
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